1Locker Secret Photo Album App Lets All Secrets Stay Secret

2 min readDec 11, 2020


No more embarrassing moments as others do not see your private photos.While I’ve attempted a lot of applications which give outright protection and secure my photograph from prying eyes on both the stores as of late, I’m continually looking out for new natural ones that have their own exceptional highlights on the class, and arrival of 1Locker Secret Photo Album application( https://www.1locker.app/) is completely gainful.

1Locker Secret Photo Album expertly makes sure about close to home photographs and recordings by securing them with PIN number insurance. It’s the best vault for putting away close to home photographs, recordings, passwords, and notes. With its lovely plan, easy to understand interface and progressed encryption, you can ward the meddlesome eyes off, ensure your protection, secure your photographs, and spare telephone space.

DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORE: https://apple.co/3qjoAxd

GOOGLE PLAYSTORE: https://bit.ly/2Vh0dCc

You can Use 1Locker Secret Photo Album for

  • It protect mystery photographs and collections to store extraordinary and exceptional recollections
  • You can share put away media to yourself or companions
  • Possible to Browse private pages without leaving any accounts
  • Assist to remember and make sure about passwords
  • It can ensure notes of your driver’s permit, ID cards, and Visas
  • You can gather individual contacts and settle on a telephone decision/send a book with a single tick

Key Features of 1Locker Secret Photo Album

  • Easy-to-utilize PIN access
  • Face ID/Touch ID insurance
  • Advanced alphabetic passwords
  • Decoy record to conceal genuine private stuff
  • Photo and video reinforcement through wi-fi
  • Customizable photograph collections, with cover photographs
  • Lock the application from settings
  • Beautiful plan and extraordinary client experience
  • Sharing or sending out your photographs and recordings later on
  • Dark Mode in IOS 13
  • No irritating advertisements

Significant Aspects of 1Locker Secret Photo Album

  • Parents can keep their kids from seeing some private stuff on their telephones;
  • You can store many passwords from different sites;
  • Women who endure badgering can record reminders and take photographs to spare proof to secure them.
  • A new dad utilized 1Locker to store his better half’s introduction to the world offering photographs, to evade collaborators from seeing them
  • You can simply stuff this application with anything you don’t need any other person to see

Last Thoughts

I’m a really glued up 1Locker Secret Photo Album application with a few restrictive highlights. It is a pretty strong effective delivery and designers did awe inspiring position with a few key perspectives.

Formore information, please visit https://www.1locker.app/ or follow its Medium Page: https://medium.com/@1locker.

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