1Locker Secret Photo Album: It’s not only a photo vault app, but also a secure private browser

3 min readJan 27, 2021

In the era of big data, there are increasing people aware that their digital privacy matters a lot. Our goal is to provide a small space to make people feel more comfortable for having and sharing secrets.

After a few months of continuous work, we made some improvements to turn 1Locker into a better photo vault app. It runs much smoother, easier, and safer than many of its competitors. Also, it shows a unique taste for design aesthetics. We've honed this app quite a lot and it is one hundred percent worthy of a trial.

1Locker SPA app aims at protecting your privacy and earned some positive reviews. Now we weren't satisfied with this, we just want to make it better.

That's how its 3.9.0 version comes.

Update 1Locker to 3.9.0

Now it's not only a photo vault app but also a window to help you explore the cyber world without being traced. Just enter some keywords or the URL of your favorite websites, you might go surfing as usual. When all is done, delete all your histories with a simple click, and you can totally be yourself as free as you can.

With 1Locker, there's no need to bother saving the pictures to your camera roll first. Just long-press any media you want to save, the image will be downloaded into your 1Locker SPA app immediately in few seconds. No matter what kind of pictures you need to save, like beautifully designed wallpapers, hot basketball babes, or film stills of your favorite Hollywood actress.

I mean, who doesn't love Johansson Scarlett?

If you still have worries about being hacked or intruded on, why not try 1Locker new feature: double security by the double lock. You can set an independent passcode to protect any one of your albums.
Remember to set a different one from your login passcode. In case you do not remember, you can still unlock all your albums after being verified.

Given the limited space available, there are still many new features in 3.9.0. Update 1Locker and your feedback is important to our team!

If you need help or want to give us advice, please contact us at support@touchberry.net. Hope you enjoy 1Locker and have fun!

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