Our new Android app: 1Locker Secret Photo Album is available now

3 min readNov 26, 2020


1Locker: Your best photo vault to protect privacy

Everybody has the moments that it might feel awkward to save some photos directly into your Photo Library, like pictures of a hot babe wearing short skirts received from your pals. Yet you still do not want to delete them and would like to share them later on.

Shotting videos with your camera to save some special sweet memories is also full of risks. Imagine you might lend your mobile device to your leader, colleagues, or get your phone glitches fixed, what if people keep swiping through your smartphone photos?

Now try 1Locker Secret Photo Album, it shields the privacy of you and your family. With the protection of PIN, biological recognition, your personal photos, videos, notes as well as passwords are 100% secured.

The good news is: the most popular iOS photo vault app is now available on Android!

Download Now: 1Locker Android App

iOS version: 1Locker iOS App

1Locker Secret Photo Album secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN or alphabetic password protection.

With its beautiful design, user-friendly interface, and advanced encryption, 1Locker is the best vault for storing personal photos, videos, passwords, and notes.

It’s definitely worthwhile to mention that: the most popular feature calculator login mode gets back in 1Locker Android App. With its decoy interface, you don’t have to worry about being asked the question: “what is this app about?” Just show them the app and make some simple mathematical calculations there.

Reply to them: “Nothing, just my favorite calculator” 😉

You can use 1Locker Secret Photo Album To

  • Keep the prying eyes away!
  • Protect your privacy!
  • Prevent phone hacking!
  • Save photo storage!
  • And the most important thing is… HIDE YOUR SECRETS 😉

Here are the basic features

  • Easy-to-use PIN access
  • Face/Fingerprint/Iris Verification
  • Advanced alphabetic passwords
  • Decoy account to hide real private stuff
  • Photo and video backup through wi-fi
  • Customizable photo albums, with cover photos
  • Lock the app from settings
  • Beautiful design and great user experience
  • Sharing or exporting your photos and videos later on
  • No annoying ads

1Locker Secret Photo Album Also Helps You

  • Preserve secret photos and albums to store great and special memories
  • Share stored media to yourself or friends
  • Browse private webpages without leaving any histories
  • Help memorize and secure passwords
  • Protect notes of your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards
  • Collect personal contacts and make a phone call/send a text with one click

What our users say about 1Locker Secret Photo Album

Very useful.

Nice Really it’s an amazing fake pretending app if we want to hide, no one comes to know…… I loved this app and my personal photos albums or videos are fully saved here.


It will work. This is a very beneficial app to hide our personal videos and pictures with more privacy.


Good app I mean it’s good because you don’t have to pay unlike most apps and I am only writing this cus I get to save my notes but besides that, it’s a really good app


Thank you Really nice app .. it has both videos and photos option… Some apps are fake they inform about videos also but there was no video option… But in this, both images and videos are safe.




The Best Private Photo & Video Vault to Hide Your Secrets. 1locker.app