Ready For 1Locker SPA App 3.8.1? Let’s Check Out What’s New In it

3 min readJan 11, 2021

Recently we’ve published the latest version of 1Locker Secret Photo Album app (3.8.1). We made 1Locker SPA more user-friendly and easier to start. If you have not used 1Locker before, you should not miss this photo vault app to protect your privacy.

Update 1Locker to 3.8.1

Let’s dive into what’s new in its 3.8.1 version:

List Or Grid View

To organize and present all of your albums in a nice and neat way, the “grid” view seems a better choice than the “list” one. That story was, we made a short survey a few weeks ago and about 80% told us the grid view is preferred.

Here it is!

Also, you could switch to the list view if you like by tapping the button on the top right corner.

Album Settings

In the past, if you’d like to rename or delete your album, you might find it difficult to find the exact buttons. Actually, you needed to swipe your album to the left until there are two options. In the 3.8.1 build, we made some improvements to make you change album settings in a much easier way. Just tap the “three dots” and enter the new page, you’ll find everything there.

Besides, we prepare you with some beautifully-designed default pictures for your choice if you have no idea about the album cover.

Vote For Your Favorite Features

We do care about how you feel about 1Locker SPA app and we’re eager to learn more from your feedback. That is the reason we added the “upcoming new features” to hear your voice.

During the development of a new build, we’ll set the priority of different features according to your votes. Please make sure to give a thumbs-up if you’d like something to change for 1Locker and we’ll work on it to make it real as soon as possible.

Given the limited space available, there are still many new features in 3.8.1. Update 1Locker and your feedback is important to our team!

If you need help or want to give us advice, please contact us at Hope you enjoy 1Locker and have fun!

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